Daydream believer

This year has started in a bit of a frenzy. I may have done the over committing thing and I’m spending quite a lot of time dashing between plates on sticks trying to keep them all spinning.

I’m reassuring myself that I’m not surrounded by broken crockery. Things are actually getting done. I am achieving more than I thought I could. There are casualties, of course there are, I haven’t read a book in over a fortnight, unheard of, and season 2 of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel remains unwatched and neglected.

Despite the no books I am reading, probably more than usual. One of my commitments is the Superlatively Rude Writing Course and you can’t write for magazines without reading magazines. Homework was never such a pleasure at school.

That said homework at school didn’t come with such crushing self doubt and stomach churning anxiety. There might be a bit more too it than luxuriating with a glossy mag and a cup of coffee. It is way beyond my comfort zone and I am having to remind myself constantly of Tara Mohr’s words on fear.

So I’m making the time. Prioritising my dreams and neglecting my fears. It feels good.

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